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Despite the fact that Need for Speed has been around for more than trăng tròn years, it is difficult to lớn truly say what the arrangement is in regards to lớn. A few passages vary so much it's difficult to loông chồng onkhổng lồ regular components - once in a while road dashing has been at the fore, different times there is been an accentuation on narrating, sidestepping the cops or notwithstanding getting culprits. It is been various things, & that is the inspiration driving the current years portion.

The absence of a subtitle is really an announcement: Need for Speed is a resetting of the clochồng, a chance khổng lồ take a gander at what has worked in the past và say these are the establishments going ahead. So what lies at the base of the new diversion?

Most hustling recreations put story khổng lồ the other side, or it is the flimsiest of affectations for why you are contending in race after race. Requirement for Speed has played with story more every now và again than its associates – 2011's The Run truly attempted khổng lồ push the thought of an trương mục driven racer - và the new Need for Speed needs this lớn be a foundation of the establishment. The set-up is you're a youthful racer entering the evening time universe of illegal road dashing. It is basic however rich in potential outcomes.

There are supporting characters, who correspond with you eye to lớn eye & through online networking pop-ups when you are hustling around the đô thị. However, the most striking perspective sầu is the execution: Need for Speed is utilizing no frills footage to lớn recount its story. It is a striking decision, & the choice was taken in light of a mechanical advancement made by the engineer which permits amusement resources for be made continuously with cutting edge footage. So on the off chance that you thủ thuật your tự động hóa,include an amazing body toàn thân pack or respray it,the minute you enter the bearing and a cut-scene results, your tự động all of a sudden turns inkhổng lồ a consistent piece of that certifiable environment, with the on-screen characters performing close by it.

The innovation is incredible,autos are one of those advantages which can altogether sidestep the uncanny valley issue & can approach levels of genuine photograph authentiđô thị, & Need for Speeds are aao ước the nearest I have seen, with the tự động looking a piece of the scene. The choice to lớn utilize real life simply on the grounds that this innovation exists is harder to lớn judge without playing a greater amount of the diversion. Taken outside of any relevant connection to lớn the subject at hvà, and without knowing what amount real to lớn life there is in the diversion, I am uncertain of how necessary these supporting characters truly are and how appended I will get to lớn be to them. It is a flawless bit of tech, yet I seek it is being utilized after more prominent reasons.

Requirement for Speed truly needs to lớn display its validity as a racer going ahead. It is inclining vigorously inkhổng lồ its association with Speed Hunters, an auto society blog of course claimed by EA, to lớn speak khổng lồ current patterns & feel like a contemporary, trustworthy dashing background. At Gamescom, it additionally uncovered that five of the universes greakiểm tra hustling symbols will shape a noteworthy piece of the story. The symbols -Magnus Walker, Ken Block, Nakai, Risky Devil (a float team), and Morohoshi -are separately connected with an alternate fundamental of game playing style: velothành phố, style, fabricate, group, & bandit, individually.

Every one speaks lớn an alternate sort of experience the player can have. You can decide to support one over the others or contribute time similarly crosswise over orders. I am still not certain how distinctive these difficulties will truly be, however I'm most likely intrigued by the thought of character classes being consolidated inlớn an open-world racer.

Requirement for Speed needs to phối the benchmark in a class where the standard is continually being raised. Frostbite is permitting EA Ghost lớn do some genuinely inventive stuff regarding mixing in-amusement resources & cutting edge, yet it is being utilized khổng lồ extraordinary impact in the diversion where it truly matters. I just played Need for Speed for a short measure of time amid Gamescom yet I was without a doubt inspired by its autos & the little measure of the guide.

We have sầu seen some footage of winding slopes high up over the đô thị, however when I played I was constrained to a stretch of rather unremarkable đô thị, where baông xã rear ways and tự động hóa parks mixed together. There were not very many hops, for occurrence, in the zone I investigate, so I am still uncertain of how practical or how wild the setting of Ventura Bay will truly be.

Some hustling amusements consider customization important undoubtedly. Requirement for Speed has as of late been less keen on this sort of experience. In late sections I have scarcely fiddled with customization past the most shallow changes. Requirement for Speed corrects, yet it's there just in the event that you need lớn get included. Every piece of the auto can be changed cosmetically: body units, window tinting, spoilers, edges, all that you would anticipate.

Current patterns in customisation are spoken khổng lồ, such as shading front và back combinations in an unexpected way – once more, the aspiration is khổng lồ make this vibe like a contemporary affair. In any case, this customization profundity additionally stretches out lớn taking care of, where I checked 24 chất lượng variables khổng lồ change from tire footing to lớn spring firmness, down-power & brake predisposition. There is a ton of small scale modifying on the off chance that you need lớn get sucked in, however in the event that you vì chưng not, it can lớn a great extent be overlooked, with a general slider permitting you to make it play more like a syên ổn or an arcade racer.

I just played Need for Speed for around seven minutes, so I am still not by any means beyond any doubt what number of its new components work & consolidate into lớn a liquid orkhuyễn mãi giảm giá, nor vì I have sầu a decent feeling of how differing or fun Ventura Bay truly is. That said, the autos look extraordinary and handle splendidly (I changed it to lớn precisely my inclinations), which is not a terrible beginning at all.

NFS năm ngoái System Requirements

If you are about lớn tải về Need For Speedyou should kiểm tra system requirements first of all và compare it with your PC to be sure that game will work out!

Least Requirements: System: Windows 7 (64-bit only) Processor: Chip Core i3-530 2.9GHz or Athlon II X3 425 Memory (RAM): 6 GB Hard Drive: 30 GB Feature Memory: 1 GB Feature Card: GeForce GTX 260 or Radeon HD 4870 Sound Card: DirectX Compatible DirectX: Version 11.0

Prescribed Requirements: System: Windows 10 (64-bit only) Processor: Core i3-2100 3.1GHz or Phenom II X4 830 Memory (RAM): 8 GB Hard Drive: 30 GB Feature Memory: 2 GB Feature Card: 2 GB Sound Card: DirectX Compatible DirectX: Version 11.0

Need For Speed additional information


TEAM PLAY Ride together with your Crew & never hit the lanes alone. Put your confidence in others as guards come surprisingly cđại bại to lớn each other. This is the expertise of close vicinity confusion.

SPEED Rate is the association that exists in the middle of tự động & driver that is just present at top rates. It speaks the truth keeping your nerve sầu và never lifting off the gas. It speaks the truth the adrenaline surge of taking a corner at fast, having confidence that your auto will hold firm and not chiến bại grasp. The valiant dependably push the points of confinement.

CONSTRUCT Construct is the place you take your tự động hóa khổng lồ the amazing through both visual and execution alteration. The consistent need to enhance & customize, molding the auto lớn your own particular vision. Experts construct, hunting down flawlessness.

STYLE Style is immaculate expression through driving, sending your tự động into a corner sideways with extreme exactness. It is the sentiment flexibility for that brief moment as your tires leave sầu the ground, when you end up in a spot where just you & the tự động hóa exist. For some, style is the only thing that is in any way important.

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OUTLAW Turned inkhổng lồ an Outlaw, disturbing & getting away from the cops. Continually hoping to up the ante through danger versus prize driving, pushing the points of confinement and looking behind you. Live on the edge as you hunger for the rush of the pursuit.