Thủ đô New York Immigration Lawyer và Naturalization Attorney Susan B. Henner

We have sầu over twenty years of professional experience as White Plains immigration lawyers. Our services include the representation of international employers seeking lớn phối up new businesses or affiliate offices in the United States, as well as employers seeking to obtain work permits, visas and/or residency (green cards) for their employees. Our White Plains Immigration Lawyer has also worked with individuals within the music & entertainment field, the sciences, the arts, athletes, as well as those within the motion picture industry lớn obtain appropriate work visas và residency (green cards).

Within the area of family-based immigration law, we assist individual clients to lớn obtain residency for their family members, which may include spouses, fiancees, children, siblings, và parents. We also represent persons who are seeking to lớn become citizens of the United States through the naturalization process.

When faced with removal, our White Plains Immigration Lawyer assists clients throughout the entire process. This may include advice during detention và bond hearings, as well as assistance in applying for relief from removal in the forms of political asylum, withholding of removal, cancellation of removal, VAWA relief, adjustment of status, U Visas, derivative sầu citizenship and any other forms of relief available. We also assist clients khổng lồ apply for affirmative sầu asylum and refugee status. We attover bond và bond reduction hearings on behalf of our clients. Our removal practice also seeks to lớn assist special immigrant juveniles và criminal aliens facing deportation.

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Susan Henner is a wonderful lawyer. She is very meticulous about her paperwork và she knows how to make a client feel important. I would recommover her khổng lồ everyone when given the chance. She will work through every thing with you & in the court room, her professionalism shines through. She is not a greedy lawyer, và will work around your financial situations. She has changed me và my whole family"s life, along with our community"s more
Mrs. Henner is an excellent Immigration Attorney và helped me greatly when I was in a very bad stage regarding my personal life as well as my immigration status. After being taken advantage of by other so called Immigration Lawyers, I came to lớn her and she gave sầu me the confidence needed khổng lồ continue with my case. I will come baông xã soon to lớn her offices khổng lồ get information và start the next stage on my journey to becoming a citizen. I am deeply thankful for all she and her staff did và will soon vày lớn assist with my case. Highly recommend!read more
Susan is an excellent immigration attorney. She cares deeply about her clients & communicates well explaining all the details in a simple way. Very professional and experienced. Most of all, she is TRUSTWORTHY & will not overcharge for nothing lượt thích some lawyers vì. In fact, Susan will not charge you for a first visit, which I found very appealing; especially because she spent good 30 minutes with me going over all the details pertaining to lớn my case. Finally, she will always find time to lớn talk to a client when one asks for a meeting or e-mails her. I wish she had been my first immigration attorney.I highly recommend. The best lawyer I have ever worked more

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I have worked with Susan on numerous cases that were challenging và had confronting odds. She is a wise & seasoned immigration attorney who knows how to work within the system to lớn get a favorable result. She also has a keen sense of when to lớn take risks và turn them inlớn favorable results as well. She has guts. I highly recommover her work. Barbara more